How do I request additional IP addresses?

In principle, up to 31 additional IPv4 addresses per server - for vServers the maximum possible number is 7 IPs - can be ordered via the customer panel. These IP addresses are available immediately after ordering. If additional IPv4 addresses are required, this limit can be increased by the support team by stating a reason. It is also possible to order IPv4 networks (i.e. a contiguous IPv4 address range). In this case, too, a reason must be given for the additional IPv4 requirement. A reason for increasing the limit or requesting a separate network must have the following contents:

  1. Number of additional IP addresses required
  2. Currently used IP addresses and their current usage
  3. Planned usage of the new IP addresses
  4. Why it is absolutely technically necessary to use additional addresses for this purpose.

In particular, the following will not be accepted as intended use

  1. Search engine fraud
  2. Spam/e-mail mass mailing
  3. Webhosting, which could also be realized via VHosts
  4. Reservation of addresses

Please also note that the provisioning of IPv4 networks after successful verification may take up to 5 business days due to manual provisioning.

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