How to setup Cloud Backup Admin Tool ?

1.  Login in central customer management

After your order has been activated and successfully provisioned by us, you can log into the central customer management ( with the access data transmitted by us.

2. Create user
After the successful login you can select your Cloud Backup products on the homepage under "Cloud Products".

Once you have accessed Cloud Backup Management, select the User Management menu item and create a user.

3. User data and subscription

Fill in the user data. At the end of the process, you have the option of checking the added user again. If the data is correct, you can complete the process by clicking on "Finish". Under the menu item "User", the newly created service user is now displayed and the new user receives an activation request by e-mail. Please confirm the activation mail and define your personal password for the backup administration.

Please note that you can currently only set the backup notifications when creating the user:

4. Setting up the backup

Log into the Plesk web interface of your server and click on "Extensions".

Locate "Acronis Backup" in the top right corner of the search bar, select "Free" and click "Get it free".

Once the installation is complete, Acronis Backup will be located under My Extensions. Click "Open" there.

Since you have already ordered the product through us, you can click on "I have an Acronis account" in the next window.

Enter your Acronis data there.
The service URL is:
You can find the login name in the ZKM under the user already created:

Enter the password you set as your password.

After you have clicked on "Login and Activate", further packages have to be installed. You can agree to the installation with "Enable".

After the installation is finished, you can now create/manage the backup plan etc. via Plesk:

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