I cannot reach my vServer, what can I do?



If your VPS (vServer) is not reachable from outside you have two possibilities.

  1. check the vServer via the VNC console
  2. Restart vServer


1. VNC console

1.1 start VNC console

To start the VNC console of the VPS, navigate to the affected server contract via the vServer Management. 

On the right side under the item "Administration" you will find the button to start the VNC console. 

vserver vnc button en

Now a new window opens where you can connect to your server. In our example, the server is currently in the Windows login screen. 

vserver vnc open console


1.2 Using VNC Console

After you have started the VNC console, you can log in locally to your server, even if your server is not accessible from the outside. 

On Windows, the key combination "Ctrl + Alt + Del" is often required to log in. Here you can select the key combination via the "Keyboard" tab and have it executed. 

vserver vnc tastatur en

Please note that copy & paste to the VNC console is not possible.


2. restart vServer

In addition to the VNC console variant, you also have the option of restarting your server via the ZKM. 

To do this, navigate to the relevant server contract and find the "Restart" button on the right-hand side above the VNC console button. 
Your server will then be restarted.

Note: Please note that a restart can take several minutes depending on the operating system and processes. 

vserver restart en


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