How do I set up Cloud Backup Mobile?

1.  Login in central customer management

After your order has been activated and successfully provisioned by us, you can log into the central customer management ( with the access data transmitted by us.

2. Create user
After the successful login you can select your Cloud Backup products on the homepage under "Cloud Products".

Once you have accessed Cloud Backup Management, select the User Management menu item and create a user.

3. User data and subscription

Fill in the user data. At the end of the process, you have the option of checking the added user again. If the data is correct, you can complete the process by clicking on "Finish". Under the menu item "User", the newly created service user is now displayed and the new user receives an activation request by e-mail. Please confirm the activation mail and define your personal password for the backup administration.

Please note that you can currently only set the backup notifications when creating the user:

4. Setting up the backup


Install the Acronis Backup app on your phone via PlayStore (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Start the app and click "Login".

Now enter the user name from the ZKM under "Login" and the set password under "Password".

Now you need to grant the necessary permissions and then click "Backup":
*** Note ***
If you are not in the WLAN during setup, you will be asked during or after the authorization request whether you only want to perform the backup with WLAN or also with mobile data:

*** Note ***

You will then be asked if you want encryption (we always recommend encrypting the data additionally):

If you have selected "Use encryption", you must enter the password for the backup in the next step:
*** Attention ***
A password other than the selected password in the ZKM is meant.
This password additionally protects your data from this device and can be selected separately for each device.
*** Attention ***

After entering a password and clicking "Backup", the backup will start immediately, which you can also find in the Acronis web interface (

*** Note ***
If you have completed the setup while in a WLAN, no mobile data backups will be performed. To change this, please go to Navigation -> Settings -> Connections for backup:

There you can adjust when your backups should be performed:

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