What products does myLoc managed IT offer?

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28.06.2021 03:46


myLoc managed IT AG offers a wide range of products. Besides the brand myloc we also offer the brands webtropia and servdiscount.

1. myloc

In the area of Colocation you have the possibility to rent racks for your hardware and operate them with the excellent infrastructure of the ISO-certified data centers of myLoc.
In the area of server hosting you will not only find our dedicated servers, managed servers as well as our individual managed hosting offers, but also vServers and root servers of the latest generation.
Furthermore, myLoc managed IT AG offers you innovative cloud solutions with which you can create your own virtual data center or simply secure your data in the German cloud.

You can find all our products on myloc.de

2. webtropia

Through webtropia you can rent dedicated, virtual dedicated and vServers. We also offer cloud solutions such as backup and Office 365.
You can find all our products on webtropia.com

3. servdiscount

At servdiscount you can rent pre-configured dedicated servers and vServers. Here the configuration of the individual servers can not be adjusted during the order, which is possible with our two brands myloc and webtropia.

All our products you can find on servdiscount.com

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