What happens if a hardware defect occurs?

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01.04.2021 09:02

If a hardware defect is detected in our dedicated servers, our technicians replace the defective hardware with other hardware free of charge within a very short time.

If a hardware defect is not detected by our pro-active monitoring, please inform us via the ticket system in Central Customer Management (ZKM) or send an e-mail directly to support@myloc.de

If you have already found the problem (e.g. a defective hard disk), please send us as much information as possible directly. For example, the following information would be important for us in case of a hard disk replacement and can significantly shorten the replacement time per ticket:

  • The S.M.A.R.T. values of the defective hard disks (if possible)
  • The serial number of the defective hard disk. If the serial number is no longer readable because the hard disk is no longer recognized, we would need the serial numbers of all other hard disks to be able to identify the defective hard disk exactly.
  • A time window when we can replace the hard disk (you should always assume that the server will be disconnected for this).

You will always be informed by our technicians about the complete process.

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