How to setup Cloud Storage?



This article describes how to set up the Cloud Storage product.


1. log in to the central customer management

After your order has been activated and successfully provisioned by us, you can log in to Central Customer Management with your username and password previously set in the Store.


2. cloud storage - create user

After successfully logging into our customer management, you must now create a new user.
To do this, click on "Cloud Storage".
Continue with "Create user" and fill in the required information.
Under Quota you can define how much storage space should be available to the user in the cloud.

When you have made all the entries, click on "Create".

The newly created user is now displayed as successfully created under the menu item Users.
It is automatically linked to the cloud storage product.
On this page, you can see all users to whom you have given access to your cloud storage environment, as well as the used storage per user.
Furthermore, here you can enable and disable users for the product by editing them accordingly. If you don't need it anymore you can also delete the user.


3. access to the cloud

By creating the user, your cloud is now ready to be set up. Now please click on the link in the central customer management which will redirect you to login to your cloud storage. Log in with the user data you have created. You have successfully set up your cloud storage product. 

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