Which apps are available in Office 365?



This article describes the programs that are available in Office 365.



Outlook is a normal email program that includes several features on the side. The following programs are included: Calendar, People, Tasks and Bookings.



Yammer is a social network designed primarily for businesses. You can create groups, upload and share files with colleagues, as well as make arrangements.



With Planner you can create plans, as well as tasks and assign them to individual users. With the charts, you can see how many or which tasks have been completed.



Sway is a presentation web application. It allows you to combine text and media content, such as images, audios, and videos, into a presentation.



With PowerApps, you can create your own apps and then share them with others so that you can share that app. The app you create can then be used either on the web or on your phone as an app. Once you have created an app, it can be connected to other Microsoft programs/apps.



Forms allows you to create online surveys. The data from the survey is automatically read out so that you have an exact overview of the result of the survey. Likewise, this data can be exported as an Excel file for further use.


Power Automate

With Power Automate you can automate recurring tasks. There is also connectivity to third-party providers.



Here you can create teams, but also have individual conversations. There is also a calendar where meetings can be entered or files can be saved.


Dynamics 365

Here you can download business apps.



Here you can download the usual apps from the Microsoft Store.



Newsfeed is a kind of blog. You can follow other people to read their news, but also post your own news for others to read.



Delve allows you to give other people access to data from other platforms. In doing so, other people can only access the public documents and your private ones can only be accessed by you.



In Sharepoint, you can create websites. You have the choice between Teamswebsite and Communicationwebsite. On the teams website, only specific teams that you have selected have access. On the communication site, the entire organization has access and can monitor your project.

The available programs depend on which version of Office 365 you order.

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