My server lagged what should I do?

Short interruptions in online games or radio streams are not always due to network problems. These dropouts are often caused by an overload of the server.

So please check first whether any services not needed here consume resources unnecessarily.

Especially a possibly installed administration tool can lead to unwanted dropouts due to the resource-hungry MySQL database server.

One tool that has proven to be particularly useful for this check is "atop", where you can see all workloads (including hard disks) and detect problems directly.

You can stop services within Linux via the console command:

/etc/init.d/<service name> stop

Use the following command to restart services:

/etc/init.d/<service name> start

Under Windows this is done in the Task Manager under the item Details.

In addition, it is always useful to check the log files of the server in case of problems on the server. Under Linux you can find it in the directory /var/log. The /var/log/messages and /var/log/syslog should be of particular interest there.

Under Windows, please examine the event display entries.

If this also does not provide any usable causes, you should perform an MTR on your server as you proceed is described in our FAQ under the point "What to do with network problems".

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