Analyze network issues using MTR

If network issues occur, for example high latency, less bandwidth or packet loss an analysis is necessary. You must check both directions of the connection ( client => server & server => client ).

With MTR you can create a route analysis, like with traceroute, but over time. This analysis shows if there is an issue with a router and which router is probably affected. This is a necessary information to be able to know who is responsible and has to be informed.

MTR on Linux

The packet can be installed with the packet manager of your distribution.

Debian / Ubuntu

apt-get update && apt-get install mtr


zypper refresh && zypper install mtr


yum install mtr

The command to check the connections is the same on all distributions.

mtr -n --raw --report -c 900 [IP]

[IP] has to be replaced with the receiving stations ip address.

Option Description
-n Disable reverse name resolution
--report Do not show live, create report
-c 900 Send 900 packets ( 1pps )


MTR on Windows

On Windows you can use the tool WinMTR. It can be downloaded at . Unpack the application ( for example on your desktop ). Execute the binary, select "options", remove the selection of "resolv names" and confirm with "OK". Enter the ip address or host name to the "host"-field. Start the check and let it run for at least 15 minutes to receive a usable result.

And now?

When you gathered the data for both connection directions ( client => server & server => client ), please send the result to our support. The best way is to create a txt-file and attach it to your mail to .

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