How to announce my own IPv4/IPv6 address space via myLoc?

The following strict requirements need to be fulfilled prior to the announcement via our AS24961:

  • We strictly require an exact matching RPKI ROA of your address space via origin AS24961.
    Please check this with
  • We additionally require a valid route object at the RIR of the address space (e.g. RIPE) via origin
    AS24961. As LACNIC does not support IRR, we do not announce LACNIC address space.
  • We require that there is no overlapping/conflicting entry in any other IRR (RIPE, RADB, ARIN NTT...).
    Please contact IRR maintainer/object owner if there are any conflicts.
    In case of absence of IRR Maintainer, contact related IRR db admin.

    Contact information at some foreign IRRs:

  • We won't announce the prefix when there is an active announcement by another AS.
  • We need a proof point that you are the legitimate owner of the address space (e.g. via whois record).

Please also check all of the above with the IRR Explorer at

Additionally, there is a monthly fee of 25€ per announcement and a one time fee of 75€ involved.

Check all of the above requirements BEFORE opening a ticket to request the announcement. The tickets need to contain the subnet you want to announce, the proof point on the ownership, the acknowledgement on costs and the desired destination server and routing type. We insist on all of the above requirements and there are no exceptions from it. Normally we handle announcements requests within 5 working days.

ATTENTION: If any of the above requirements are not fulfilled while prefix is announced the visibility might be decreased or we may remove the announcement at any given time.

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