How do I run programs from the hard disk in the Rescue System?

If you want to run programs from the hard disk within the rescue environment, you must chroot the disk in addition to mounting it. This procedure only works with Linux systems.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Rescue System booten
  2. Mounting the hard disk
    Befehl: mount /dev/sda2 /mnt
    The hard disk designation differs depending on the hard disk used /dev/sda for SCSI and SATA hard disks and /dev/md for raid disks. The following number indicates the number of the partition on the hard disk. More information about mounting hard disks can be found here .
  3. Mounten des Proc und Dev Dateisystems
    Befehl: mount -t proc proc /mnt/proc && mount -obind /dev /mnt/dev
  4. Chrooting to the server environment on disk
    Befehl: chroot /mnt/ /bin/bash
  5. Here you can then run the desired programs as known.
  6. After completion of the work, leave the area again
    Command: exit
  7. Unmount Proc and Dev
    Befehl: umount /mnt/proc && umount /mnt/dev
  8. Unmount the hard disk
    Befehl: umount /mnt
  9. Stop the rescue system and restart the server.

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