How do I order an additional IP?

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28.06.2021 03:53

1. order additional IP

You can order an additional IP address via the central customer management (CCM). To do this, navigate to "Dedicated Root Server".

Now select the corresponding server contract. You can now order additional IP addresses via the "Add IP address" button.

You can use the slider to set the number of IP addresses you need. You will be shown the price before ordering the IP addresses. Via the button "Order IP address" the additional IP addresses are ordered with costs.

Note: If you need more additional IP addresses than you can select, please contact support.


2. Switch IP to virtualization

In order to be able to set up the additional IP on the vServer, this must be changed to "Virtualization" in the ZKM. To do this, navigate to the server contract and select the configuration of the IP addresses there via the "Configuration" button.

Now set the configuration of "Host route" to "Virtualization" for the additional IP address and save the setting via the "Apply changes" button.
Note: If the configuration is already set to virtualization, change this to host route, save the setting, and change the configuration back to virtualization.

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