My server has been hacked how is that possible?

To say exactly how the intruder compromised your server is difficult. Usually this happens through security holes in programs or vulnerabilities in the programming of websites. You can investigate whether the programs you use are affected by such vulnerabilities, for example, in the Bugtraq on the page: .

Please also note that the intruder can also penetrate via malware that you have unknowingly installed on the server or on your home computer. You should therefore first scan your private computer for possible viruses or Trojans.

If you find what you are looking for here, we recommend that you first reinstall this computer and change all the passwords you use (email, websites, server access, home banking, etc.).

Afterwards you should check your server for intrusion (if necessary via the rescue system).

Please also note that we always recommend a new installation for every hacked system, as it is never possible to say with certainty whether the intruder has not installed a back door to be able to take over the system again quickly.

To operate the Rescue System, please refer to the articles in our FAQ under Rescue System.

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